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Children of Dust and Fire

Elle woke up dead, in a pool of her own blood, on the floor of Atlanta’s subway station at Peachtree. Her body lay abandoned in the cavernous space. Her eyes had remained open as her heart stopped, but she wasn’t seeing with her eyes. Her soul or maybe a part of her mind that wasn’t completely gone yet was seeing what was happening from outside her body. It was like watching a dream. She mainly saw details. Her green eyes reflected in the mirrorlike puddle of blood slowing expanding under her face. Her dark brown hair was soaked with it. It clumped together as her head lifted from the ground. Her body slowly levitated off the subway floor. There was no one else in the tunnel, her attackers had fled as soon as their gun went off. Cowards. Yet someone or something was lifting her body off the ground. In the fog of this vision she was having, she could make out large black feathers. Crows were carrying her on their backs. She was flying down the tunnel, carried by a flock of crows. The last thing she saw before finally surrendering, were their wraithlike wings. She had a moment to wonder that in the end it was not all darkness like she had imagined.  Not black nothingness, but light that enveloped her with warmth and peace. Her final thought before succumbing to it was, this is good.

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