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Movie review: 'My Toxic Backyard,' Asheville CTS tale

Edwin Arnaudin, Asheville Citizen-Times  May 7, 2014


B+     "-informative work with local and national implications that plays well to anyone for whom injustices strike a nerve."

My Toxic Backyard

​Ken Hanke, Mountain Express May 6, 2014

****  "My Toxic Backyard manages to be both powerful and graceful."

Watered Down

DOROTHY FOLTZ-GRAY, Bold Life Magazine January 30, 2014

"Damien wants the film to stir up questions about what's happening in our own back yards. "I feel like our society is so concerned about the economy, saying 'We'll deal with the environment once the economy comes back,'" she says."


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cts site asheville
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