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My toxic backyard an independent documentary feature film about the fight for clean water

My Toxic Backard Documentary feature film on clean drinking water at toxic superfund site in asheville

CTS Asheville documentary TCE Contamination water

plays well to anyone for whom injustices strike a nerve.”

Edwin Arnaudin


“both powerful and graceful.”

Ken Hanke

Mt. Xpress



Frightening, suspenseful, and saddening.”

M. Puffer-Rothenberg

Video Librarian



My Toxic Backyard Trailer

A documentary about TCE contamination in water and cancer at the CTS site in Asheville

“A captivating tale of industrial negligence.”


Stephen Roux

Denton Dallas and Beyond

“A learning experience.”

Dan Thornton

Gig Spotting Network

“Stories like this one need to be told.”

Jeff Thomas

Go Green America


a documentary feature film

documentary cts site asheville
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documentary water conatmination cancer TCE
tce contamination
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cts site asheville
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toxic water documentary
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